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“The session was tailored to me individually in a safe and supportive way. I felt rejuvenated, very peaceful and with a sense of achievement. Thanks a million.” - Maeve

How can I help?

90% of our behaviour is directed by our unconscious, we get up in the morning and get ourselves washed and dressed without having to consciously decide how we are going to put our socks on for example. We learn how the world works and store that information to free up our mind for more important tasks.

Many problems we experience are just the result of unconscious thought processes based on miscalculations, which lead to actions designed to bring a benefit, even though they do not. I can help you to reprogram your unconscious so you remain in control of your thoughts and actions instead of being hijacked into running away from spiders, feeling overwhelmed by the stresses of life, comfort eating when you want to lose weight or any other limiting action.

One-to-one sessions give you a safe space to a voice how you are feeling. Each of us is unique and how you are personally experiencing an issue and what you would like to achieve from our sessions will command the path we take in terms of therapy.

I offer cognitive hypnotherapy, mindfulness and coaching.

Some common issues I can help you with, click the title relevent to you for further detail.

Stress management
Career coaching
Weight management
Stop Smoking
Sports performance
Hypnobirthing Courses
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“I found Naomi’s style very approachable and gentle. I liked the use of the language too and the way my own words were used within the recording.” - Katherine

How I work

Cognitive hypnotherapy integrates cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), evolutionary and positive psychology, emotional freedom techniques (EFT), hypnosis and neuro linguistic programming (NLP) to create a fast and effective way of creating lasting change. I also bring in mindfulness and coaching if appropriate.

Each session will be specifically tailored to you. Sessions last 90 minutes and I will write and record you a personalised MP3 of hypnotic suggestions for you to listen to each evening as you fall asleep. The number of sessions we have will depend on what outcome you desire but on average 3 - 6 sessions is fitting for creating change as cognitive hypnotherapy is a brief solution focused therapy.

Unique to you

You are unique therefore the support I provide and the way in which we work together will be unique.

Personalised MP3

I will write and record a personalised MP3 for you which will support our work done in session.


I will share numerous techniques that you can use on a daily basis to reduce stress and move towards your goals.


I am based in South Oxfordshire and have rooms in Wallingford, Henley-on-Thames, Marlow, Reading and Didcot.


Sessions from the comfort of your own home from anywhere in the world. I work flexible hours so we can fit sessions in around your schedule.


Empowering you by teaching you new ways of thinking and behaving is the key to the lasting impact of cognitive hypnotherapy, mindfulness and coaching.

“Our session felt like talking to a friend, albeit a very wise and knowledgeable friend!The whole session was amazingly effective for me and felt like taking a magic happy pill!" – Isabel

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